Which Shuttlecock is Best?

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Typically shuttlecocks are made of two materials: Feather (acquired actually from ducks or geese) and engineered (misleadingly made plastic or nylon). In this article we will deliver the advantages and detriments of every sort, its qualities and elements.

Also, don’t hesitate to hop to the conclusion on the off chance that you would prefer not to be exhausted with the points of interest. We summed it up in the “conclusion” to make it more helpful for you.

## Feather Shuttlecock

Feather made transports aren’t strong. Indeed, even a solitary quill lost will influence the shot of the van and in this manner exasperates the diversion.

Feather ones are for the most part utilized as a part of matches. They are hard to fabricate contrasted with plastic ones as the plumes must be gathered from ducks and flying creatures. Henceforth they are costlier than plastic ones.

Contingent upon the maker there will generally be 16 or so quills in one transport.


Shuttle can be placed with accuracy and precision

Less power is required to hit

Easier to control

Used by professionals

It’s design makes for a great in-flight stability.


Difficult to manufacture

Expensive comparatively

## Nylon

Nylon shuttles are best suited for beginners as these are durable and a lot more cheaper than feather ones. They can be bought in bulk and hence the main use is for practise, used in clubs and coaching centres. It has bad in-flight stability.


Very durable

Economical option over feather birdies

Good for day to day practices


Bad in-flight stability

More power required to hit

## Conclusion

Nylon shuttles are cheaper in price and last really long. They aren’t affected by the weather or any other factors, and hence are widely used by novice and intermediate players; majorly for practise or recreational matches.

Feather-made ones are less durable but have a great in-flight stability that makes it a choice of the pros. Majorly used in official matches and tournaments.

We surely cannot decide for you, what would suit your needs best. You can be a judge of that. After reading the points made above, we hope you will be able to make the right choice. Weigh out the pros and cons, know what your needs are, what you can afford, and depending on that make a decision as to which shuttle is the best.Good luck!