Road Safety Cycling Tips

Posted on August 23, 2016 By

Security is the most critical thing while cycling. What fun is it on the off chance that you hazard your wellbeing? Wounds, injuries, and so on are something we should keep away from in all conditions.

In this article we will give you five tips that will keep you (and others) safe out and about.

Continuously Wear Safety Gear

Yes, dependably when you are riding your bicycle – be it an easygoing fun ride with your companions, day by day drive to work/school or dashing – dependably wear security outfit.

Wellbeing gear incorporates protective cap, knee cushions, a couple of gloves and legitimate shoes. Shoes intended for cycling will suit you best, yet unless it’s a race or game, you can deal with some other shoes (simply recall that they should be a solid match on your feet.)

Be Visible

A standout amongst the most imperative approaches to remain out of inconvenience is to be unmistakable to different riders, activity and walkers. Continuously be obvious to others in your region with the goal that you can evade an impact or a mischance. Being noticeable will help you stay away from mishaps essentially.

Ride out and about, leave the trail for the walkers. Additionally, in the event that you are riding in the city, then utilize a light so that movement from the other way can see you.

Learn To Brake Right

Many experts would suggest to use both the breaks. While this works well for beginners, advanced cyclist make use of the front brake mostly. Initially, make a habit of using both the breaks and gradually use mostly the front brake for optimal braking.

For sudden halts, use both the brakes.

If the road is slippery, use the rear brake.

If you are using the front brake, lean back so that the bike won’t topple. Front brake is the most effective to use when there’s a need to stop suddenly. Also remember to look over your shoulder and make sure there’s no traffic behind you when you come to a sudden stop.

Follow Road Rules

You as a cyclist are no less than other cars and bikes on the road. Hence, you must be as responsible as the other traffic and strictly follow road rules and the local laws. Doing this is crucial for yours as well as other’s safety.

Be Smart

Ride at speeds you are comfortable with. Look over your shoulder when changing lanes or taking a turn. Use hand gestures to communicate with the other traffic. And most importantly, in a state of emergency, trust your instinct.

This last one is a tip, but not for safety: whenever you get on your bike, savour every bit of the ride, of the fresh air, of the speed, of a feeling of freedom, and just have fun. When you follow these tips and feel safe, the fun factor will increase manifolds! Happy and Safe riding to you!